Perry's  Adventures

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About Perry the Blue Panda

In this first book, Perry the blue panda and his friend, Jerry the giraffe, are playing at the beach when they see something strange - a moving plastic that seems alive. When they look closer, they discover that the moving thing is their friend, Tyler the turtle, who has been trapped in a plastic bag. They must help Tyler and solve the problem of plastic bags!


“As a grown up, I hate to admit it but I really enjoyed reading the Blue Panda story. It's a simple story with a simple plot but great for teaching kids about  sustainability”

Parent, Birmingham, UK

We need more books like these for children, books that tackle current and pressing issues. And I can't think of a topic more pressing than climate change, 

Critic, The Hague, Netherlands 

I really like Perry, the blue panda and Jerry, the giraffe. I think they are funny. They have  good ideas. I can't wait to read another book about them. 

Young reader, London, UK